Sunday, May 10, 2009

Canucks VS Blackhawks Round 2 Game 2

The collapse.

The Canucks were downright disinterested. Losing Sami Salo was significant but should not have been catastrophic. Pundits have used the excuse that the defense were confused having to play with different partners and having to switch sides for the remainder of the game. Most of the defense have played together for at least 3 seasons. Last I checked only O'Brian is new to the blue line corps. These guys are pros and should have been able to compensate better.

The Hawks on the other hand had a singular focus. This Hawk team is damn good. They are too young to know when they are done and too skilled to go away quietly.

If Luongo does not play better, all will be lost.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Canucks VS Blackhawks Round 2 Game 1

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As I sat in my row 20 seat contemplating the plight of the tapout-clad scalper, I could not help but beam with overwhelming glee that my boys had been tested to the extent that they had.

As game 1 of round 2 started it's third period 3-0 in favour of the home town Canucks, I could not help but feel that this was all too easy. My nuckleheads had endured a lackluster attack on the part of the Hawks, showing little or no interest and were ahead 3-0.

Much to my surprise and bemusement the Hawks came back and tied the game, only to be trounced on an incredibly bad line change and an empty netter.

If the Hawks had lost the game 3-0 I would have had serious doubts about my 'Nucks. They played an uninspired, unemotional 2 periods and lead by 3. By the Hawks tying the game I feel my boys became re-focused, asserting their dominance. If this is the best the Hawks have to offer I say "what's the big deal?"

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Playing Catch up

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Shot Blogger.

Why bother with a blog? Well a friend of mine suggested I start my own so here goes.

Vancouver Canucks playoff run 09

Canucks VS Blues

Heading into the series pundits extolled the virtues of the young, speedy, well coached Blues squad backstopped by a streaky goalie in the midst of the streak of his career.

What the talking heads failed to take into account was the decimated St. Louis blueline. The Blues popgun offence and suddenly mediocre netminding were definitely contributors to their struggles but it was the sluggish and/or undersized rearguards that made the Canucks forwards seem like the '91 Penguins.

It's no coincidence that the Canucks saved players as the series wound down. Although they would never admit it, the 'Nucks brass knew they had the Blues well in hand after game 2. Looking to make a long playoff run the Canucks brain-trust took a cautious approach and sat both Sundin and Salo. These injuries may have been serious enough to warrant sitting out but none the less the confidence to allow the players to attempt to heal was rooted in the knowledge that the Blues posed no threat to the Canucks playoff hopes.